About Me

Hello 👋 

I'm Tiffany Sun, a digital experience designer from San Francisco. I spent the last year living abroad, completing my Masters in Digital Experience Design from Hyper Island and was one of the first designers to be part of theCamp creative residency program located in the south of France.

I have experience in applying design thinking methodologies to digital products & services, and working in multidisciplinary teams with a variety of clients such as BBC, NHS, LateRooms, and Pentland Brands.

I'm passionate about designing experiences that encourage playful interactions, and challenge myself to explore different mediums and processes in each project.

Always open to new collaborations and conversations.
Feel free to reach out!

Public Speaking
& Creativity Workshops

Ideation Workshops

  • Workshop Facilitation: Ideation
    Em-Lyon Business School
    Lyon, France, February 2018
  • Workshop Facilitation: Ideation 

    Aix-En-Provence, France, October 2017
  • Workshop Facilitation: Innovation Mashup

    Enterprise City UK Festival
    Manchester, UK, April 2017

Public Speaking

  • “Capsule: Transformative Collisions"C2 Conference
    Montréal, Canada, May 2018
  • “The Future of Work: Collaboration & Diversity"Sodexo
    TheCamp, Aix-En-Provence, France, February 2018
  • “Importance of Play in Design Thinking”
    Manchester, United Kingdom, May 2017
  • “Power of Making and Breaking Stories”
    Ladies that UX
    Manchester, United Kingdom, April 2017